Airlines - Luggage Rules, Weights and Dimensions

No matter who you travel with, each airline does vary in terms of the weight limits and dimensions for both hand and hold luggage - click our links below to visit your airline and check their limits

Airlines - Luggage Rules, Weights and Dimensions

One question we always get asked relates to individual luggage weight limits for different airlines. We even sometimes have groups using two airlines in one trip, so to help we've collated some of the major airline policies into one place. It allows you to read though the information for each airline and see for yourselves exactly what weights and dimensions apply to each carrier.

It’s worth noting that some airlines have different hold luggage options to choose from at the booking stage, so please check with your trip coordinator about what has been booked for your group.

For each airline, we haven’t written out the figures in case they change and become outdated, so, simply click the images below to view each airlines policy and we recommened that you forward these links to pupils, players and parents and avoid any confusion..

Published: Wednesday 08 November 2023