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What next for England Rugby?

The departure room at the RFU is empty, but will it soon be filled with more than one?


England and Ireland win - what next for the Kiwis?

Ireland wins its first ever test series in New Zealand - but with the World Cup on the horizon, where do New Zealand go from here? Meanwhile, England wins in Australia - Mike Penistone looks at both series and asks what the impacts of each one will be.

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Snow Rugby in Tarvisio, Italy

Today, the Energy Travel Italian office is helping us to get to know about Snow Rugby, a relatively new-take and very distinct variant on the game we know. As you can guess, it involves playing rugby on snow in magnificent locations in the Italian Dolomites and Austrian Alps. Caterina Fiorini, staff member and player at Alp Rugby Tarvisio, talks to us about this very particular version of Rugby and about the plans for the future at her Snow Rugby association.