Visas, Passports, Pre-departure checklists and websites

Everything you need to know about travelling aborad and where to go to find out more about your destination

Visas, Passports, Pre-departure checklists and websites

There are lots of elements that make up your trip. Customers can call Energy Travel today and we can help answer any questions you have or direct you to the right place as required. Read the sections below and find out more about how to plan ahead and plan your tour as well as possible

Passport & Visas

All countries have their own entry requirements, this includes saying how much validity your passport should have through to saying whether or not your need a Visa. Your group may be made up of British and non-British passport holders and is worth checking this as people sign up to the trip.

Firstly, check the entry requirements for your destination country by visiting the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website, this will confirm everything you need to know about requirements for entry and will provide advice about your destination.

If members of your group need to renew their passport, please visit

If you do have non-British passport holders in your group then please ask them to check with the embassy of the destination country prior to travel.

Health requirements at your destination

Depending on where you are traveling to, your destination country may insist that members of your group have certain vaccinations prior to entry. There may also be some advised precautions your group can take ahead of departure. If anyone in your group has any queries about vaccinations or health precautions at their destination, we recommend that they speak to their GP, a practice nurse, pharmacist or travel health clinic at least 8 weeks prior to departure

Further advice can be found by visiting -


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